• Autoglym high gloss silicone fast wax – Super gloss and shiny coating wax
  • Autoglym radiant resin wax polish – Long lasting durable shine with built in cutting agent
  • Autoglym high defanition - Carnauba wax with polymers for a long lasting durable shine
  • Meguires ultimate paste wax – Highly advanced hydrophobic fully synthetic polymer wax
  • MEGUIRES HYBRID CERAMIC WAX" - An Advanced Hydrophobic deep shine wet look finish wax
  • Zymol heavy duty wax paste – Long lasting protection and shine
  • Qdx ceramic wax – Super glossy hydrophobic coating
  • DIAMOND BRITE CERAMIC WAX - High Gloss Ceramic Detailer Wax


All the paint sealants below will protect your vehicle from bird dropping lime, road salt, adverse weather, mud and road dirt, acid rain, UV Rays and general weathering Although sealants offer great protection to your paintwork, leaving bird droppings and flies for weeks at a time on paintwork, baking in the sun will eventually eat through the sealant coating and mark your paintwork, looking after your vehicle responsibly, washing fairly regularly will prolong the protection of the sealant.


An entry level budget protection for you vehicle. a robust long lasting sealant, it doesn’t have some of the modern polymers for extra shine and gloss that the more expensive sealants have but it is still very good, perfect for protecting suv’s, vans. Comes with up to a two year guarantee, depending on condition of paintwork it is applied to
Prices start from £100


An excellent paint sealant for all types of vehicles. highly advanced sealant giving maximum protection to vehicle paintwork with added polymers for a permenant glossy finish each time you wash your vehicle, used by executive main car dealers in Aberdeen, very popular with my customers. three year guarantee on vehicles up to three years old, Two year guarantee on vehicles from 3 to 5 years old. Guarantee may be increased upon inspection of paintwork
Prices start from £150


This is our top of the range sealant, it comes with up to a 5 year guarantee, this sealant is used by British Airways and other airlines on their jumbo jet aircraft, it protects to temperatures of minus fifty degrees and I’m sure you can imagine the beating an International Jet aircraft bodywork has to endure. originally produced to protect aircraft and sea craft, this product had been introduced into the world of detailing, providing the ultimate protection and shine, it is indeed our favourite sealant product, even our own vehicles have been coated with A GLAZE
Prices start from £200



For removing swirl marks and light scratching from sponge washing/car wash scratches and brush washing, general contamination and weathering, also brings out the colour shade of your paintwork revealing a brighter colour finish, removes all the old coatings of wax and polishes. perfect for bringing your vehicle paintwork back to life like it was when it was new,
Recommend medium machine polish before applying a paint sealant
Prices start from £100


A three or four stage machine polish will revive the worst paintwork out there
Old or newer paintwork can be saved regardless of condition
Using bodyshop grade polishing compounds such as farecla g3, g6 and g10 to polish out scratched, scuffed and flat looking oxidised paintwork, using rotary and random orbital machine polishers and gradually using finer compounds and finishing polishes to get that fine scratch free showroom finish.
Priced on inspection of vehicle, an approximate quote can be given over the phone


The clay bar was originally used by vehicle paint shops to remove overspray after respray on surrounding vehicle panels. it also has other uses such as removing contamination from paintwork such as the iron deposits from vehicle brakes, paint spots, tree amber etc. the clay bar can remove tiny specs of contamination, advisable before a machine polish, also makes paintwork smooth to the touch


Modern plastic headlights eventually turn faded and discoloured, look terrible and are
Often an M.O.T. failure as the damage to headlight plastic cover reduces the light from the headlamp beam and can also distort the beam.
The headlights dont have to be removed from the vehicle, the surrounding paintwork is protected during restoration process and always provides excellent results.
Prices start from £20 for a single headlight and £35 for a pair of headlights
Discount available when included with a full valet, machine polish and/or a paint sealant